PET Performs

Having gained expertise in single-stage PET bottle manufacturing, Alpha Group started manufacturing PET preforms in 2008 for beverage industry.

With Class 10,000 clean room, our facility matches GMP and ISO 9001:2008 standards, along with DMF approval. With capacity of over 7 million preforms per day, below is our product range for beverage industry. If you don’t see what you need, fill out the enquiry form to help us create the perfect custom preform to meet your needs.

Alpha preforms are made on Husky/KM injection moulding machines have multifarious advantages and our customers are very well benefited from these advantages using our preforms produced on these machines.

  • All preforms made on state-of-art Husky machines.
  • Uniform preform wall thickness
  • Uniform preform weight
  • High gloss and clarity

High quality preforms PET

Resins are sourced from reputed sellers those are approved by Coke to produce high quality PET preforms.

Alpha preforms can be made in different colours like blue, green, amber etc apart from the standard clear preforms.Our preforms are suited for various applications like Mineral water, Carbonated Soft drinks, Juices and Oils.