Dairy & Beverages



All milk products sold in retail outlets has to be heat-treated to eliminate microorganisms to extend its shelf life. Based on the type and duration of this heat treatment and the resulting shelf life, milk can be split into three groups. Each milk type heat treatment has its specific packaging requirements. The shelf life of pasteurised milk being intrinsically very limited, this type of milk requires no particular protection from the effects of light, moreover as its always stored in the refrigerator. This protection is guaranteed by packaging with a barrier layer to visible rays and UVs. Sterilised milk also has specific packaging needs since its packaging has to withstand harsh heat treatment. HDPE, just one material for all three milk types to fulfil the specific packaging requirements of each milk type, several packaging solutions are available, from glass bottle, to carton, PET bottle, dairy flexible pouch, etc.

However, the HDPE bottle is the only packaging type that can be used for all three milk types. As HDPE milk bottles also lend themselves to a full range and allows maximum flexibility on printing, sleeve, colour, shape [including handle], they are clearly the most “flexible” rigid milk packaging around.

Milk Type Heat Treatment Unopened Shel Life
Pasteurised > 71.7°C for 15-25 seconds 4 to 7 days at < 8°C
UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) > 135°C for 4-20 seconds 6 months at ambient temperature
Sterilised 113-130°C for 10-30 minutes 9 months at ambient temperature


HDPE bottles offer a wide range of customisation possibilities.

Polypropylene & HDPE containers are the most suitable packaging for the process of Hotfill where temperatures range from 60 to 90 degrees followed by the process of cooling and shrinkage.

Beer & Wine

Beer PET bottles are dominated by plastic packing arena. Beer is quite sensitive to oxygen and Light.

The oxygen sensitivity has been addressed by developments in coinjection moulding combined with many barrier material and oxygen scavenger options as well as other external and internal barrier coating options. Light protection is available pigments, combined with UV absorbing polymers or additives. These presumably involve the newer heat-resistant low naphthalate PET copolymers and heat- setting techniques. Alpha engineers are continuously researching to get better product and developed PET bottles in 180ml, 375ml & 750ml in neck size 25mm & 30mm.